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Do you want your kid to memorize Quran online? Is being a Hafiz-e-Quran something you’re interested in but feel confused about which institution to enroll them in? Online Quran Memorization is the solution to address your these concerns.

Our Online Hifz Program is organized with a suitable planner. We establish objectives, study patterns, target-tracker, and incentives to ensure you get the most out of your Quran Memorization Program.

Tajweed Quran Course online for kids

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High Quality & Professional Hifz Quran Classes

Learning Quran Online is the leading institute providing online quran teaching services worldwide. Our online hifz course aim to aid students in memorizing the Holy Quran. We have experienced and skilled Huffaz who can help you memorize Quran online. They will assist you in creating a study plan to help you learn Quran at home.

In order to learn and memorize Quran successfully, Learning Quran Online recommends innovative,yet effective methods. Our methods have been developed with the assistance of our exceptionally gifted and seasoned instructors. They have the requisite Ijazah certification. These methods have greatly enhanced the duration of time spent memorizing the Quran.

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You will get one week free classes to try our services yourself. There is no obligation to continue the trial if you do not wish to. Click here to start class today.

Nazra with Tajweed

This online Quran learning aims to enable students to recite whole Quranic verses correctly and without any pronunciation errors.

Quida with Tajweed

In this course the student is taught from the basics (Quida) of arabic. To ensure that each letter of the Quran is spoken correctly, you must learn about certain guidelines.

Hifz ul Quran

The goal of the online hifz course is to produce graduates who have memorized the whole text of the Quran (known as hafiz). And one who can recite Quran beautifully and with perfect pronunciation.

Why Choose Us

The Best Online Hifz Program Near You

As seasoned educators, our Hifz instructors know how to foster an atmosphere that is both stimulating and supportive, making online Quran memorization a positive and pleasant experience.

To encourage their students to study hard and memorize the Quran, our professors emphasize the value of the task, discuss the benefits of doing so, and relate the experiences of young huffaz who have been successful.

The Value of Online Quran Hifz Classes

Individual Attention

Online Quran hifz classes make learning the Quran more approachable. Those who want to learn the Quran privately would love our online hifz classes because it will tailor the curriculum to their specific needs.

In online classes you will get the full attention of your tutor and in-depth learning. You may be wondering about Quran memorization classes near you, but no need to worry. You can find online Quran memorization courses easily.


The Best Online Hifz Classes

Tutor of Your Choice

Tutor for your child can be chosen by examining different tutors during trial classes. We have a staff of 40+ male/female tutors.

Worldwide Recognition

We have students learning from from all over the world, mostly from UK, US, Canada, Australia.

Easy Payments

Our payment plans the most affordable and flexible. See here

Expert Tutors

Being the pioneer of the industry our tutors are most experienced and well trained.

12+ Years of Experience

We are the industry leader providing Quran teaching services since 2009.

Availability of male/ female teacher

You can see whether your kid is more suitable with a male of female teacher and chose accordingly.


What People Say About Us

“My teacher at Learning Quran Online has been really helpful in making me learn how to recite Quran. I am really thankful to your effort.”



“Learning Quran Online is a great platform to learn Quran with basic Tajweed rules. Now my recitations have become better.”



“My three kids are actively learning Quran with Learning Quran Online. I am fully satisfied with the attention given by the teachers here.”



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The process of Quran memorization is both mental and physical. Insight into the Quran is a miracle and a gift from Allah. You may schedule a free trial lesson to see how our online Quran memorization classes work. We offer various online Quran classes for you. You can enroll at Learning Quran Online for any Quran course you’re interested in.