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Every true Muslim strives to learn the Koran either by help from parents, siblings or teachers. From day one a Muslim is taught the importance of each and every letter of this Divine Book. All over the world, Muslims Hifz Quran with the intention of gaining knowledge and peace of mind in order to live a secure, serene and righteous life. When the Qur’aan is being recited, listen to it and be attentive (Surah A’raf; Verse No. 204) Learning to read and recite the Holy Quran in the way of the Prophet (PBUH) is very important in Islam. He (PBUH) himself established the rules of recitation and encouraged his followers to learn the Quran by heart so that it is put to memory. Indeed it is the most commonly memorized and recited Book all over the globe. In every Muslim’s home, this obligation should be illustrated as a highly important one and the daily routine should include the recitation of the Qur’an. “Will they not, then, try to understand this Qur’an? Had it come from anyone other than God, they would have found in it many an inner contradiction.” (Surah Nisa; Verse No. 82) One of the most important assets of a Muslim’s life is the attachment with the Book of Allah. It is the main source of faith since it is the compilation of the messages that were sent as revelations upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Without this final decree, Islam would not have faithful believers. It is evidence of the existence of the ultimate Creator and his manifestations. By studying the word of Allah Almighty, a Muslim becomes a true follower of the complete “Deen”. Not only is it mandatory to read and recite the Qur’an but it must understood with its detailed explanation so that its virtues can be implemented with true love and spirit of the Creator. “Indeed, We sent Our messengers with evident truth, and We sent down with them the Book and the balance (of right and wrong), so that people might behave [with each other] with justice.” (Surah Hadid; Verse No. 25) Nowadays, one of the most advanced and effectual ways of learning Quran is through the help of live tutors that deliver lectures by one to one correspondence between the student and teachers. Using only a few simple pieces of equipment, an entire course can be covered within specified time. All that is required includes a desktop or laptop computer, a broadband internet connection, a headset and any available communicating software. Learning quran online is the ultimate key to opening the door of higher Islamic knowledge and experience. If anyone is keen to learn the Quraan with memorization and comprehensive tafseer then the best way to conveniently achieve this task is by registering at “Whosoever holds fast to God, he has been guided onto the Straight Path.” (Surah Imran; Verse No. 101)