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Status of a female child in Islam

There is no doubt in the fact that children are a great blessing of Allah Almighty. Parents are responsible for considering their children as their treasure and they must consider all material and wealth worthless in front of their children. Although it was a practice of the past to repent on the birth of a […]

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Learn Quran Online

We, Muslims, have faith that our religion “Islam” offers a complete code of life. At the same time, a very few of us make efforts to explain things going on in our life with reference to Quran; that is source of faith for all of us. Quran in Urdu and English Being an exclusive book, […]

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Concept of Gheebah in the light of teachings of Islam

Islam is a very lenient religion and it has no complexities. There are some acts that are prohibited in Islam and one of these acts is known as “Gheebah” which we know by the name backbiting. The meaning of Gheebah is that you talk about a person behind his back in such a manner that […]

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