Status of Daughters in Islam

Status of Daughters in Islam
Before Islam was spread throughout the Arab world, people used to think it was a curse to have a daughter. They used to bury them alive and burn them. It was not just daughters that were humiliated, females did not have a good status at all. They were considered inferior creatures and they were mistreated. When Islam came, it brought revival throughout the Arab world. Females got a status in not just the society but in inheritance too. They came under the protection of their fathers, brothers, and husbands.
Although Islam has brought a great revival but still females, especially daughters become a victim of prejudice. However, according to Islam, daughters are considered to be a Rahmat from Allah. Daughters are considered to be a great blessing of Allah and He SWT has promised that whoever takes the responsibility of bringing them up will get a place in paradise.
Allah says that daughters are a great blessing. In case a daughter is born in someone’s house, that person should not get sad, instead he should rejoice because it is a Rahmat from Allah. Even our Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said that do not curse those who have daughters because I am the father of daughters of too.
People today think that daughters can be a big burden for them because they have to make arrangements for their wedding. They have a narrow view that daughters will be working for the person whom she will live with so why should they provide them with the best education or brought up, daughters are mostly abandoned because of this reason.
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The truth is that it is these daughters, who are the means of existence of humanity. Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said that blessed is that women whose first child is a daughter. That explains the fact that if you give birth to a female, then don’t despair, because you have been blessed by Allah. It is further stated that Allah says that He will be responsible for the rizq of the father of a daughter. This further stresses how Islam is against oppressing or worse killing daughters. In fact, we should be fearful of Allah when it comes to the matters of our daughters.
They are given a right of inheritance in Islam and it is the responsibility of the guardian of the female to take care of her and get her married. Women have their own consent in Islam and nobody can be authoritative on them.
Our Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H said that whoever takes care of 2 girls until they reach their adulthood, he and I will come together on the Day of Judgment. He performed action by interlacing his fingers meaning that the person and I would be together as these two fingers are together.
In a Hadith, Prophet P.B.U.H said that daughters would become a shield for her parents from the fire of hell.
A righteous daughter will take care of her parents as well as her husband and her kids. Therefore, daughters should not be oppressed or considered inferior.

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