Etiquettes Of Reciting Quran

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The Holy Quran, being the most sacred and authentic Book for all Muslims is read with great enthusiasm and fervor throughout the Muslim world. It is read for the purpose of reciting, understanding as well as memorizing. We are taught to read and learn the message that the Qur’an holds for us and all of humanity.

This exquisite gift from Allah the Almighty is a source of enlightenment for everyone till the Day of Judgment. Before we read the Koran, there are certain rules or etiquettes of reciting quran that we are to follow if we seek reward and blessings from our Creator.

Indeed such a Holy Book should be read with sincerity and passion. Therefore, as Muslims it is our rightful duty to give our utmost attention while we are reciting the Quran. The steps include the following:

  • Begin by reciting, “Aa’udhu Billahi min ashaytaan ir rajeem” (for all Surahs) and then “Bismillahi irahman iraheem” (except for Surah Tauba)
  • Put your heart and soul into reading the Qur’an..
  • Your motive should be to seek guidance and reward from Allah.
  • To admire the actual Glory and beauty of the Holy Koran, you must dismiss all wicked, evil or impure thoughts from your mind.
  • You should meditate and ponder upon the meanings of the Holy Quraan. Our main goal should be to grasp the knowledge contained in this Magnificent Book.
  • When you read the Qur’an, your purpose should be to implement the injunctions into your life and follow its commands as much as possible.
  • While reading you should not feel weary or tired and should stop reciting if you yawn.
  • Before starting the recitation of the Quran, you should make sure that you are clean from the body and clothes. The place where you are reciting should also be clean.
  • You should never leave the Qur’an open when it is not being recited.
  • It is recommended that you sit facing the Qiblah while reciting.

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