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For any Muslim, it is obligatory to learn how to recite Quran for understanding what Allah is saying to us and what His Deen is all about. When it comes to the matter of recitation, the role of a teacher counts a lot. The more qualified and knowledgeable the teacher is, the best Quranic education your kids will get.
Who are online Quran Teachers?
Our online Quran academy has the most qualified teachers. Starting from Noorani Qaida, Tajweed, and recitation to memorization of Quran, we have a bunch of experienced teachers who play their role in motivating the students and develop their interest in reciting and learning Quran. Our online Quran teachers’ team includes both males and females.
We have Hafizul Quran, Tajweed teachers, Noorani Qaida teachers, and imams in our team of online teachers who are dedicated to teaching the students and make the process of reading and reciting Quran easy for all. Our teachers are experienced in teaching not just kids but also adults who want to learn how to recite Quran right from scratch.
How do they work?
The teachers need to adopt a really unique approach in giving Quranic education especially when it comes to teaching the students online. We totally understand that it is difficult to ensure consistent concentration when it comes to studying. However, our teachers create such an environment that is encouraging for the young students to learn.
One to one teaching is provided which means a single student will get a single teacher. With our proven teaching techniques, let us help you and your children to memorize Quran and develop a close relationship with Allah. We do not rush in teaching the students. It is a slow and steady process but one thing is sure that students start memorizing well as soon as their foundations are improved.
What they use to teach?
The teaching takes place on Skype. We have them tutoring software that you have to download after signing up with us. All you need is computer, microphones, headset, and a reliable internet connection. The study material is provided to the students online.
We offer all the resources to students for facilitating in reading Quran live. With Skype and other tools, we help our students in learning Quran online without any glitch. It will be like one to one memorization where teachers will keep track of the performance of the children.
There is no limit to age when it comes to learning Quran. Whether it is about reading Noorani Qaida, learning Tajweed, memorizing Quran or reading Quran with translation, we are here to facilitate people of all ages throughout the world with our assistance. The learning sessions will begin at the comfort of your home, at the time that you have chosen.
It is high time to invest in your future now… Allah says in his Book that Quran has been made easy for all. You just need to take the first step and with our team of teachers, learning Quran will become easier. Avail the chance to become close to Allah now.

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