Online Quran Courses for Kids & Adults
We have designed Online Quran Classes in such a way that every kid and adult can take the classes so easily at the convenience of their home on their preferred time and days. Each Online Classs Lesson is of 30 minutes, it can be increase on your request, specially who do Quran Hifz they need more time like 60 minutes. The Quran Courses Online are designed quite flexible to match the timing of every person. We use Skype for voice communication and screen sharing. These classes are 1 to 1, which gives a feeling that teacher and student are sitting next to each other. Our students are of age 5 years to 65 years. Online Home Quran Tuition is an amazing opportunity to learn the Quran at home from expert Quran Teachers.

We Offer Following Courses of Quran

1. Nazra e Qaida / Starting From the Basics 2. Nazra e Quran / Quran Reading with Tajweed 3. Hifz e Quran / Memorize The Quran 4. Quran Translation / Tafseer Along with above mentioned Online Quran Lessons Online Quran Tutor also teach Namaz, Kalimas, Duas, Memorizing Surahs from 30th Para etc. Teacher send the pages of lesson at the end of each class so you can save it and revise the lesson whenever you get the time. Next day you will come online, will read yesterdays’s lesson and then will get the new lesson for tomorrow. If you have any question you can always call us on 001 201 793 8133 Please Add our Skype id, learningquranonline it has plainsboro in address.