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Transition of Umar (R.A) to Islam

Those who had returned from Abyssinia, on motion Riyadh, realized that the Quraysh had resumed persecution of the Muslims with stronger hatred and renewed life and a sign of them returned to Abyssinia piece others entered Mecca under the firing of nighttime and went into hiding. In fact, short solon than a week had passed […]

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Hazrat Umar (R.A)

The shift to Mohammedanism of Umar bin al-Khattab, a prospective khalifa of the Muslims was the biggest event of AD 616- the 6th year of Proclamation. He was one of the bitterest enemies of Islam and of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the messenger of Allah, and was a outstanding tormentor of the Muslims. He […]

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What is Humbleness

What is Humbleness? Humbleness is that one should break himself with his companions. Often times when the animate of rivalry and envy is tense between companions and rivals, a soul may find arch over his traveler, he may be pleased by harming him, dishonorable his worth and standing, accusing him of defects or exaggerating his […]

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Disagreement between Iman and Part

Disagreement between Iman and Part When one thinks nigh these triplet verses, he faculty easily think that this entire sentence is ruled by our religion of Mohammedanism. To put it differently, there is a relationship between our belief in La Illaha Illa-llah and every activity that we variety in this humankind. If we hit the […]

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