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Status of Daughters in Islam

Status of Daughters in Islam Before Islam was spread throughout the Arab world, people used to think it was a curse to have a daughter. They used to bury them alive and burn them. It was not just daughters that were humiliated, females did not have a good status at all. They were considered inferior […]

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Quran Teacher Online

Learn Quran with our Online Quran Teachers Online Quran Teachers For any Muslim, it is obligatory to learn how to recite Quran for understanding what Allah is saying to us and what His Deen is all about. When it comes to the matter of recitation, the role of a teacher counts a lot. The more […]

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Transition of Umar (R.A) to Islam

Those who had returned from Abyssinia, on motion Riyadh, realized that the Quraysh had resumed persecution of the Muslims with stronger hatred and renewed life and a sign of them returned to Abyssinia piece others entered Mecca under the firing of nighttime and went into hiding. In fact, short solon than a week had passed […]

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Hazrat Umar (R.A)

The shift to Mohammedanism of Umar bin al-Khattab, a prospective khalifa of the Muslims was the biggest event of AD 616- the 6th year of Proclamation. He was one of the bitterest enemies of Islam and of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the messenger of Allah, and was a outstanding tormentor of the Muslims. He […]

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